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Father's Day Gift Guide

dad fathers day gift guide

Alright friends... only thing we love better than giving a gift is SEARCHING for the perfect gift for our loved ones. Both our Dads and our Hubs deserve an extra special treat this year given all we've been through #canigetanamen?! We love hearing what others are gifting... so we thought we too would share some of our faves this year! 

Let's treat him .... 

1. Pack it: Listen you're never *really* too old (or young) for a new backpack. And this one is so darn cool that honestly I'd use it too. And with our fave LL bean quality you know this one will last all the soccer games, road trips, or carrying kid stuff that he's always doing. 

2. Drag it: Okay true story... our backs aren't *exactly* what they used to be.. enter THIS CART to the rescue. And carrying the endless amount of stuff to sporting events, the beach, the back yard, or WHEREVER is SO much more fun with this cart. Admittingly our neighbors have one of these and my hubs adores using it. It's like an ultra cool look wheel barrel (you can drag it or lift it up and dump it) so it's SERIOUSLY double duty. 

3. Hang it: Okay we couldn't miss a chance to promote our new fab frame. This cool new Dress Blues color is the perfect amount of happy blue meets sophisticated Navy. Add this to his office, above his dresser, or anywhere he'll see to remind him of his favorite family memory. Either way it's a serious dad win! 

4. Drink it: This is *technically* a gift for you too... HANDS DOWN my husband (and my) favorite coffee of all time. I love all Black Rifle Coffee.. but this freedom fuel is the perfect blend. Dont be scared by the 'dark roast' label. I'm a light weight girl and this one is just so good. Snag him a few bags or get him a subscription to their monthly coffee club for the win! 

5. Wear it: He's on the go... and we want him to keep up. How about a cool new pair of dad fashion sneakers. He'll look and feel oh-so-cool running around in these. 

Hope this helps! Happy Father's Day 

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