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We dare you: 8 Uses for Delta Girl Frames

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We love a multi-purpose item. Who doesn't? Heck, we're still looking for the appliance that does our grocery shopping and cooks all the meals for us. A girl can dream. Ha. In the meantime, we can introduce you to ALL THE MANY WAYS one can use a Delta Girl Frame. Yes, we help you house more than just your most prized photos. Check out the 8 uses below and comment with your favorite!

8 Possible uses for Delta Girl Frames

1. The OG: Photo

It's what we're known for and the most obvious use of our Delta Girl products. We love you find the right frame for your precious moments and memories.

2. Where in the World: Maps

This idea became a MUST HAVE when distance learning started. Geography never looked so chic.

3. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall: Mirrors (duh)

Sick of that builder grade bathroom mirror? Upgrade and add some flair with a DGF custom mirror! Need more light in the dining room? Highlight your lighting with the reflection of a DGF mirror! Really, the uses for this are endless.

4. Not just for Wine Bottles: Cork

This option is CLUTCH in offices, kitchens, nursery's and homeschool rooms. A cool catch-all for, well, everything. So functional... and when they look *this cool* how could a cork be wrong?

5. Picasso would be so jealous: Art

You bought an adult piece of art but don't want to house it in a generic frame? Guess what- you don't have to! Bring life to paintings with a coordinating frame. Photo courtesy of @nestingwithgrace. 

6. NOT Written in Stone: Dry Erase Board

Yet another distance learning / homeschool win. The ever so useful dry erase board. Nothing screams 2020 like being able to plan, write, and then have to erase when it's a no go. Ha.

7. Chalk Talk

Call us oldschool (oh, hello old school) - but a chalkboard is ALWAYS a win. And ours are no exception. Use them for fun reminders, bible verses, shopping lists, or even as a fun way to display your wifi password in your guest room. Either way they're fun, functional, and chic. Of course.

8. ANNNNYTHING else. No literally. 

That's the fun part about hand made pieces. We can do anything. Like THIS amazing piece we crammed for a sweet client of ours. This Army vet served in Iraq and has saved this beautiful piece of hand made art that she bought during her time serving. It's one of her favorite treasures and she wanted it displayed over her bed. So we made her the prettiest most classic piece we could to honor such a beautiful treasure. Yep. We can frame just about anything!

Ready to get our help framing your special piece? You can learn more about our design consult here, or email us at hello(at)deltagirlframes.com. We'd love to help!


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