The Art of Handcrafted Memories: A Journey into Delta Girl Frames – deltagirlframes

The Art of Handcrafted Memories: A Journey into Delta Girl Frames

About us delta girl frames journey owner

At Delta Girl Frames we’re all about creating unique southern style through our frames. We love our families, our homes, and are passionate about making beautiful frames and gallery walls. We aim to capture your exact style and honor your most beautiful moments both big and small.

We’re frequently covered in sawdust and paint but have a serious set of heart eyes for modern style fused with practical life-can-be-messy functionality. Whether our handcrafted, hand painted, frames are grouped together in gallery walls, or stand alone as individual pieces all over your home, they can withstand whatever your crazy beautiful life can throw at it and will be around for years to come. We welcome you to Delta Girl. We’re so excited that you are part of our tribe and look forward to making something beautiful for your home.

Let's get to know the team!

Alexis Knox Owner + Creative Director

Hi Friends! I’m Alexis – navy wife, mom of 3 littles and owner of Delta Girl Frames. Having worked in the PR world for more than 15 years, after having kids, I longed for a new kind of self-driven hustle. I dreamed instead of days spent more intentionally -- creating beautiful things, raising our littles and creating a beautiful home for our family. As we raised our babies, what I kept coming back to were the gallery walls I had taken the time to create that offered daily reminders of those special moments, treasured kids prints, and sweet little smiles captured. All these years (and thousands of frames later), I feel so blessed to create beautiful things for your home and share some of that Delta Girl magic with others. Soak it up friends. Oh, and let us frame the best parts, will you?!?

Mark Knox Frame Maker + Delta Husband Extraordinaire 

We would love to help you with any of your framing needs so never hesitate to reach out and send us a message.

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