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We talk about our frames all the time, all day long and we still have to double check ourselves from time to time.  So we know you might get confused from time to time when placing orders.  We strive to make ordering simple for you all and create great combos that you can order as is-but should your creative juices feel a need, a need for speed, then we want you get exactly what you want!

Lets discuss the anatomy of our frames! When you place an order, you’ll be asked about the size, base color, pattern, pattern color, trim, trim color, and orientation.  Let’s go through what this means.

Size: Pretty self explanatory. What size is the photo you are framing?  8×10, 11×14, 5×5? And then you need to pick either our 4″ or 6″ width.  Confused about the width? Check out this post.

Base Color: The color you want “under” the pattern.  Hint: It’s the color that goes on first.

Pattern and Pattern Color: Select the pattern you want on your frame and then what color you want it in.

Trim and Trim Color: The trim is a separate wood piece that we glue, nail, and add to the base frame itself. It’s what actually houses the photo, laying on top of the finished frame.  We worked super hard this last year to get custom trim styles created just for our DGF clients – so that we KNOW we’re adding pieces that are not only beautifully made but will add that extra added touch you won’t see elsewhere.

Orientation: Landscape or Portrait.  Horizontal or Vertical.  Let us know so we can make sure that the pattern is oriented correctly, and that back saw tooth hanger is installed in the right direction way:) Ordering a square print, just select whichever your hearts desire….its all the same!!

Lets hit up some examples for a second:  

The amazingly popular neutral pinstripe!

And then Innocence pinstripe, Gray and Gold Ikat and Rose Gold Honeycomb!

Now, dear friends, go forth and CREATE ALL OF THE THINGS.

We dare ya.

And if you still aren’t sure – not to worry, we still love ya anyway. Feel free to email us at:

Happy creating.

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