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Parents rejoice, summer is over (or nearly over) and its time to send all of those precious littles back to school. Drop them off and run, walk them in and cry, put them on the bus and have a mimosa. You do you-and lets all go a head and pretend like we’re going to stay organized this year! I know, I know, you super seasoned parents are probably laughing at me now….we have littles just entering ‘real’ school and we like to pretend like we can keep up with the beautiful mess that comes home to us. Just indulge our little fantasy today, ok?

We wanted to high five this school year and start you off right. We also know that you’re busy, bento-boxing, home-working, job-ing, sending money in for school lunch, adulating and just generally trying to manage the world, so we wanted to make this easy for you.

Cork boards are always an option with our frames, but we wanted you all to see these beauties in action. Welcome our 4 beautiful 16×20 cork boards. Is it a frame? Is it a cork board? Is it a chalk board? Well, dear friends, it is all of those things….and can change to any of those things at any point to fit the situation.

Whether you want a space to hang your child’s latest piece of art or the test they aced at school, cork boards are where it’s at.

Pick from the 4 following colors in order as shown above:

Each frame comes with a cork board but because of the versatility of our frames, you can easily change it out and replace it with a photo. Our frames are handmade from high quality pine and hand-painted using Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint. No two exactly alike: expect unique sanding, glazing and distressing touches.

Happy school year! We can’t wait to see these in your homes and see how you’re using them.

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