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Custom consultations have always been, and will continue to be, the bread and butter of our business. We love making amazing pieces for our customers, but when we get to stop, slow down, have a nice chat about your custom consultation vision, your home and what you’re looking for – that’s what we REALLY love.

We’re constantly soaking in inspiration and design we see around town, in store fronts and from our some of our favorite design gurus. So when we get to bring together some of our favorite combos with a vision for your specific space – it’s a match made in frame heaven. Can we just say that you all have some seriously amazing style?

We want to do a quick walk through of our custom consultation process for you all today to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

One of our most frequent emails goes something like this…”Hey Delta Girls!  We love all of your work.  We have a big space in our living room/staircase/bedroom/dinning room, etc that we wanted something for. We haven’t found anything on the site that matches what we’re looking for exactly. HELP!”

This is where our Custom Consultation page comes in! Remember when we talked about streamlining our processes to make this easier for you all and more simplified. Less back and forth. More time for your day, more time for us to work? Yep, we got you again.

When you click our new handy dandy custom consultation tab, this is what you’ll see! Three steps-it’s super easy!

Step 1: Purchase the custom consultation. Add it to your cart, check out. Easy!

Step 2: Come back and SCHEDULE your design consultation with Alexis! She is a busy momma so get on her books ASAP! You will receive a conformation email from us once this is completed with your time and date conformation.

Step 3: Complete your design worksheet while you’re thinking about it! This gives Alexis an idea of what you’re looking for before your chat. It gives her creative brain time to work through some ideas before you all talk.

Ok, so you’ve purchased the consult, scheduled your design session and filled out your worksheet. Now what? After you chat with Alexis, you will receive a to scale proof of your space and the gallery design in that space. The proof will include frame sizes (ex: 4″ 5×7, 6″ 8×10, etc), frame pattern, frame/pattern color, trim type and color. Once the proof is finalized approved, you will receive a link to a custom listing for you to purchase! Check out the latest design we just created for a client!

And here’s some images as it’s being laid out.

This beauty just shipped out this week and we can’t WAIT to see it hung in our clients home! Custom consultation questions? Email us and we’ll get you an answer!

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