We love the Christmas time.  The whole holiday season.  All of it.  Theres something so magical about this time of year —  especially having littles running around, the joy of the season seems to be magnified even more.  We love some good “friend finds.”  We are constantly calling our crew of besties to help us find what amazing new products are out there, what toys their kids are loving, what brilliant parenting tips are floating around, what in the world are you buying for gifts and more importantly… where the best wine is located.

We decided to compile some of our must haves for this season.  We hope you draw some serious inspiration from them and share the love!  If you have a brilliant gift, cool new brand, or know the line on some amazing wine, let us know in the comments!  We’d love to feature some fan favorites and share the mom knowledge!!!!

For the Little People in our world:

  1. We seriously can’t get enough Freshly picked mocs. If you’ve got a little – these cuties are a no brainer. But we warn you – once you start, you can’t stop. They’re all pretty amazing – and the little tiny toe marks that will last years after they’ve outgrown them are a treasure too. Are we the only ones obsessed with baby feet?
  2. Speaking of Freshly picked – we learned about our next fave through their new market place – Koko’s nest blankets- Egyptian cotton knit blanket done in beautiful neutrals and stripes
  3. We have three sets of these awesome watercolors in our house.  They are amazing!!
  4. We’re going to list this one under for the little people.  But lets be honest, adult coloring rules.

For the Big People in our world:

  1. Making a good family dinner doesn’t have to be fancy – or complex. I’ve been obsessed with Jenny Rosentrach since reading her first book (Dinner a love story) – and can’t get enough of her stories and yummy (totally do-able) recipes. Here new book is awesome – and on our must buy list: See here.
  2. For those momma’s like us with a head full of beautiful ideas but no clue how to get all of that organized into actionable steps for the future – Do yourself a favor and grab Lara Casey’s new PowerSheets. They sell out quickly – but they’re our go to tool and a even more fun this year!
  3. We love a little Details 2 Enjoy action. All of their work is pretty amazing, but these awesome pumpkins transfer from Halloween to Fall and Thanksgiving in the blink of an eye.  Again, we’re all for decorations that we can keep up for weeks!!
  4. And because I just need all the rifle paper – this one hopped in my cart before I could even really hesitate.
  5. Lemon and Oak.  Just yes.  Don’t question it, just buy it.
  6. While your candle shopping, check out these gems too.  We’re totally into making everyday items just a touch prettier.
  7. Gold foil it and, we’re done.  Add wine to it and we’re DOUBLE done!
  8. And no wish list is complete without a sassy t-shirt. My girl over at Vine & Branches never disappoints. I choose happy.
  9. And, I’m just going to leave this right here incase the man in my world needs some direction……aim high my friends. Aim high.

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