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Transitional Décor 101

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Like all of you, 2020 brought a lot of changes in our house. A big move (for both our home and Delta Girl Frames) from the sunny state of Florida back to our old stomping grounds in Virginia. A lot more time at home to make memories with the kiddos. And, who can forget, the dreaded transition to <gasp> distance learning. Ahhh.

With all of the modifications to our lives, we began to look at our surroundings. We still believe more is more around here (I mean- we didn’t change THAT much), but more took on a brand new meaning. We wanted pieces that meant more to our passions. Items that brought more to our lives. And spaces that gave us MORE. Transitional decorating became our go-to…and Delta Girl Frames new defining characteristic.

Transitional Who?

Let us introduce you to our new friend. She’s little bit country, a little bit rock n’roll. Ha. Just kidding. A love of vintage and classic with modern and new can best describe her. A smooth transition between these two worlds helps to provide a polished yet casual and welcoming aesthetic. Our friends over at Apartment Therapy helped to break down key characteristics of transitional design:

  • An overall muted scheme heavy on the neutrals with darker colors reserved for accent pieces
  • Minimalism without a compromise on character and personality
  • A focus on comfort, especially when it comes to the sofa or bed, which tend to err on the grander side
  • Large-scale patterned textiles that won’t overwhelm a space
  • Balance achieved by layering metals and glass with natural materials such as wood and rattan
  • Symmetry, clean lines, and polished finishes  

But, gimme some transitional examples.

As always, we want to provide you with some GORGEOUS photos of how this vibe can be accomplished. Think: transitional eye candy. HA.

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Our DGF transitional frames

You’re looking to marry these two worlds, right? And you want us help you style your walls? Shucks. We thought you’d never ask. Here are some *new* goodies available in the store to add to your cart.


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