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Meet: Our new Sevilla Pattern

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We love getting to debut new patterns and this one is kind of dreamy, Delta Friends. Meet Sevilla. She’s got a bit of Spanish influence. She’s fierce and fancy and we kind of love that about her. This frame shown below is a beautiful 6″ wood width 5×7 frame with our gold trim. All of the details can be found here!


Our frames are finished with different trims and we decided it was time to showcase some of them and show you all just how perfectly each goes with a frame.  This bold patterned frame can handle so many different trims and colors.

First, a no trim frame just so you can see the pattern in all of its beauty!

Ok, now lets see what happens when we pop a little tiny dot trim on her in a coordinating color.

Beautiful, basic and easy. It showcases this pattern in all its glory.

But, what happens if we like the bigger trims?? Here’s the same frame with a coordinating black trim in our larger crown trim.  The Sevilla takes on a whole new look with the addition of the thicker frame. A show stopper for sure!

Since color is kind of our middle name, we wanted to show you this pattern with a colored trim.  So many people are worried about making the trim a color and “taking away” from the frame pattern.  Not possibly, my friends, just not possible.  This is our large dot trim in green… but oh how this could easily be a happy pink, bold yellow, or sassy blue. Any pop of color for the win!

And last, we wanted to show you the Sevilla frame finished with a traditional gold trim but in one of our thicker trim styles.  This lotus trim was just recently added to our line up and to say we’re obsessed with it is a mild understatement.  Floral on floral, yes please.

Don’t be afraid of the trim!  Don’t be afraid of color!  Find your personal style and go with it.  It will look absolutely amazing any way you finish it!  If you decide you want to grab this gem, but prefer a different trim style or color other than whats listed just let us know at checkout and we’ll get it changed over for you!

Happy trimming! We can’t wait to see what you all put together!

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