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How customizable are Delta Girl Frames?

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One of the most frequently asked questions from our survey a few weeks ago was “so, you say your frames are customizable, but what does that mean and how customizable is custom?” And, in all honesty, its a fair question.  Believe us when we say, it can be AS customized as we can make it.

Need a specific color? Yes, we can.

Need a custom size?  Yup, we do it all the time.

Can you just design something for me and my space because while I love custom, I have no idea what I want?

We got you covered.

I know what I want, but can I just create my own because my design sense is on point?  You go, girl.

I want this frame, but a different trim.  Is that possible?  Sí.

Basically, anything you can throw at us, we can create.  Go a head, try us!

Or, stump us with your custom question – reach us at

Either way – we got you (and your walls) covered.

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