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Behind the Scenes: What are our frames?

behind the scenes frames hand made hand painted quality


The other day I met a new friend who asked... soooo ... I hear you own your own business, what do *exactly * DO you do? I've been struggling with this a lot lately. A better way to describe what we do and who we are. TECHNICALLY we make picture frames. BUT.. are they really "JUST" picture frames? No, not really... not even close. We design galleries for clients homes, we make frames, but we also make so much more. It got me thinking how best to describe our work. It's like a little love story more... a woodworker falls in love with a girl who loves design. My husband builds and crafts our frames out of the very *best* quality pine we can get our hands on... and then I design them... more like an artist paints on canvas... but instead of canvas... our medium in wood frames. No two alike... each its own work of art. 

So new friend.... I'm a business owner, designer, and frame artist. Now to work that into a short(er) elevator speech... :) 

A few behind the scene details of bringing our pieces to life.. 

Painting ALL the things... 

Husband MAKING all the frames...

Here's to more beautiful pieces coming your way. All made by hand in our little workshop by our family. Big love and thanks for following along! 

Photos @aliciabruce


Behind the Scenes: What are our frames? | Frankie & Claude

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