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Gallery walls are easy. No really. Let us help!


As mommas we KNOW that your family, and your home, are THE most important thing in your world.  But so is your time - and your sanity - if only purchasing a gallery wall was simple. (cue:: angel trumpets) With our design consult - it is! Simple, affordable, and ensures you get exactly what you wanted - our design consults make home decor fun again. Purchase a consult, do a design call with us, and sit back and let us do the hard work as we create to-scale design concepts to meet your budget, space, and vision. We make it easy to envision what your wall will look like, allows you to talk to a REAL person on our design team, and helps you stay within budget and vision! Can I get an amen? Ready to start? We sure are! 

 Step 1: Purchase a design consult HERE.

 All consults start at $50 for a single-space consultation.  Total cost of gallery collection depends on the size of your space and number of frames selected. Not to worry, we will discuss your vision, budget, and goal for the space more in-depth during your design consultation.

Step 2: Book a call! 

It's time to book an appointment for our phone consult so that we can chat the details of your vision and space.  Keep in mind our typical turnaround is about 4 weeks - so the sooner you get your consultation scheduled - the sooner you'll have your frames!


Step 3: Fill us in! 

Give us all the details!  We love seeing photos of your space.  Get ready for our design call by completing the pre-consultation worksheet prior to our meeting.  This will help us determine what your design goals are as we work together to create the perfect collection for you!


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